Welcome to the Home of the Goombay Smash Racing Team!


  Goombay Smash was built in the Fall of 2000 in Santa Cruz, California at Ultimate Sailboats, Inc. The boat arrived in the Chicago Area on November 17th, 2000 dirty from the long trip through the mountains from California.  The boat was quickly cleaned and put together in the driveway.  After setting it up and then taking it apart and ready to go to the water the next day. 

November 18th, 2000, Goombay Smash was launched for the first time.  The wind was light and the temperature was 47 degrees.  Amy, my wife, and my two son's, Ben and Sam, joined me for Goombay's maiden voyage. 

To our surprise, there was another boat out sailing.  An SR Max, 21 foot sailboat with a similar design as a U20.  We did a little speed testing and then headed back in. 

The next day, November 19th it snowed.  This was the longest winter I can remember. 



Waistin' Away, USA